Monday, October 24, 2016

New Work Responsibilites Leave me Flatlined on creativity...

... but, thankfully, NaNoWriMo is nearly upon us, I have a damned good idea for the thing this year, and barring this laptop giving up the ghost in that 30-day run, I should post a lot more here, maybe even a chapter or section a day, given last year's awful, but wordy output.

So, it is back to steampunk I head, and a bit of a mash-up tale will spin out.

Again, barring this computer shaking apart during the ordeal that is NaNoWriMo. I'm having "screw fell out leading to screen falling off" syndrome issues with it, and longer jags of writing tend to vibrate the screen free on the right-hand side, leading to something rather like the old "Carriage Return" motion being used every few paragraphs. Comical, yet sad, as this machine took a hell of a beating, and I am secretly rooting for it to survive a while longer (not just out of miserliness, but sheer admiration of the thing's resilience.

So, watch the blog again, starting late on the First (maybe even early, I have a closing shift on All's Hallows Eve) for a new tale, and maybe some motion towards writing again regularly, if I can convince my body to stop collapsing every day off into the chair in front of the "GD Noisy box", as a certain writer once called that thing we all stare at too much.

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