Monday, August 14, 2017

Playing the barbarians off
one against another
leads to a dangerous time
where thrones fall.

We forget such things,
in this day
and now hectic age,
doing such again.

The current brinkmanship competition
playing out now
in Asia's North-East
shows this rule.

Condemned to repeat past
for fogetting history.
That is our fate
in troubled times.

This is a Warning
to those playing
the modern Great Game,
risking nuclear war.

Look to your pasts
China and Russia,
seek the empires before
my own nation.

For if we fall
into this trap,
too many peoples' lives
will thus end.

I know the reasons
that each give,
and understand the frustration
leading us here.

Beware History's cruelest lesson,
about how fall
empires and republics alike
into decayed corpses.

Take heed of tales
older than time
about over-extension's price,
and ruin brought.

For I am not willing to pay such a price.
Nor am I comfortable with letting aggression win.
This is the poor man's dilemna
that others decide our fates
based on what's best for them.

A troubled Dyfedd Rex, 13Aug2017.

Friday, April 28, 2017

Sky Cat's Malign Gaze Haunts Me - a Poem of Whimsy and Moonlight

I can feel his gaze,
that hunter's malign stare boring down
from amid the clouds
over towards the horizon.

Almond moon, cirrus veiled
with lower dark masses framing it,
set to the right
of building westward now.

Sky Cat looks down,
seeking for some prey to steal
the soul from swiftly
peeking around that edifice.

I know it to be illussion.
I know it to be just fear.
But, in my heart that trembles
reason cannot enter back in.
For Sky Cat is hunting me.

Moon just past half,
forms his eye, dark mares orbit aligned
to form vertical slit
that makes the cat's-eye.

Sprinkles from passing clouds
only enhance the feeling I get
as that eye searches
from between racing cloud-banks.

Each moment heart races,
as the superstitions mount within me,
of the beast hunting
the sky for souls.

I fear the damned illussion cast,
I embrace the fear with heart
for I know he hunts for me
to break down my life
inside Sky Cat's wickedly sharp teeth.

Setting behind the mountains
does not break the dark spell
as pines appear now
like blades of grass.

He lowers down now,
to pounce over the landscape below
and catch out prey
he has spooked out.

I am that prey.
I am the one he vigilantly seeks,
to bring low forever,
for sins, real and imagined.

Sky Cat stalks the skies of night
stirring the fear in any who
by chance note that eye of his
gazing down with malign intent
to pounce upon those not pure.

-28Apr2017, a still chilled Dyfedd Rex.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Long hiatus explained

Well, between a series of changes at work that ran me ragged the last few months, and now being on the night shift for the last few weeks, I've had about enough energy to climb into my recently purchased new and only third piece of furniture, the lovely recliner-rocker that probably is now the true love of my life.
Yeah, I know, claiming to love an inanimate item is pathetic, but damn, when you settle into it, after years of just the hard ground, or since then an old iron piano stool, it is like settling into the arms of a lover as you sink deep between its arms, sigh with relief and just relax.... you get the picture.

Yes, I do plan to write soon, maybe even today, if I can avoid that new comfy chair or being called in by work to shuffle garden goods about in the rain tonight.

Monday, October 24, 2016

New Work Responsibilites Leave me Flatlined on creativity...

... but, thankfully, NaNoWriMo is nearly upon us, I have a damned good idea for the thing this year, and barring this laptop giving up the ghost in that 30-day run, I should post a lot more here, maybe even a chapter or section a day, given last year's awful, but wordy output.

So, it is back to steampunk I head, and a bit of a mash-up tale will spin out.

Again, barring this computer shaking apart during the ordeal that is NaNoWriMo. I'm having "screw fell out leading to screen falling off" syndrome issues with it, and longer jags of writing tend to vibrate the screen free on the right-hand side, leading to something rather like the old "Carriage Return" motion being used every few paragraphs. Comical, yet sad, as this machine took a hell of a beating, and I am secretly rooting for it to survive a while longer (not just out of miserliness, but sheer admiration of the thing's resilience.

So, watch the blog again, starting late on the First (maybe even early, I have a closing shift on All's Hallows Eve) for a new tale, and maybe some motion towards writing again regularly, if I can convince my body to stop collapsing every day off into the chair in front of the "GD Noisy box", as a certain writer once called that thing we all stare at too much.